Simple Reasons to Own a Good Suit

Some things in life you just NEED.  There are, however, many things you should have. A good suit hanging in your closet is definitely one of them.  

As the owner of Eastern Clothing, I’ve heard my customers say it a million times, “I barely ever wear a suit and will only need this a couple times a year, if that.”  And there you have it! The simplest reason for owning a dependably sharp, confident suit fitted to you.  You will need one.  Not five or six, but one great suit.  

Oftentimes, men are unprepared and when the occasion arises they have to rush out at the last minute, frantic and stressed.  While we can and will handle scenarios such as this, it creates a much more stressful experience then is necessary.  We’ve seen it time and time again!   

You will find that a good, basic suit will end up being a highly functional part of your wardrobe.  But the point is this: when the need arises (and it will), all you need to do is open your closet and your suit will be staring back at you, ready to go.  

Not only is a good suit important to have, but it is an easy, pleasant experience when you choose Eastern Clothing.  Just this past week I had a groomsman come in from a wedding party that we are providing suits for.  It was his first time coming to an actual men’s clothing store to buy a suit. The wedding is in December, yet this particular customer wanted to get in early as he thought it was going to be a long process.  He walked in the door and gave me the information on the wedding.  Within 3 minutes he had the suit on and was being fitted.  I told him when the suit would be ready to be picked up, he paid and as he was leaving said, “That’s it?  That was so much easier than I thought.” 

 At Eastern Clothing, we value your time and work as efficiently as possible.  Now, not all transactions are that quick as different customers provide different challenges.  Whatever it may be, hard to fit, athletic cut, extra long , we can handle it and more often than not we can do it quickly within a half an hour of your time.  

Just as regular everyday clothing is a need, so is a good suit.  At some point the occasion will arise and by spending 30 minutes with us at Eastern Clothing in advance will remove added worry and anxiety.  By shopping with us, you will receive professional service, exceptional quality and value.  We look forward to helping you with this smart investment that will last you for years to come!